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Top Ten 10 Blockchain Technologies Africa

There are over 1,000 Blockchain companies in the world, and the number is growing daily as startups emerge.  Although global Blockchain market is dominated by companies in the UK and US, Africa makes up 1.4% of the start-ups. In Africa, Blockchain technology provides a tremendous opportunity for start-up companies to solve numerous Africa’s problems. The […]

Tech Giants undeterred by Africa’s economic slowdown

Tech giants of Silicon Valley are undeterred by the economic slump afflicting much of Africa. Facebook, Google, Oracle and Uber Technologies are at the leading edge of turning the world’s frontier markets digital. As t

Will Google Allo chat app wants outsmart WhatsApp whose new ‘tag’ update is annoying?

Google has launched a new smart messaging app called Allo that it hopes will rival WhatsApp, Facebook’s Messenger and Apple’s iMessage. Where Allo differs from these already popular messaging apps is in its

Mastercard Urges Kenyan Start-Ups to Join it’s Start Path Global Program

Mastercard’s startup engagement program Start Path Global works with startups to drive new businesses forward and is launching a call for application for its 2016 class. Start Path was established in early 2014 as a wa

Visa launches mVisa in Kenya to compete with M-Pesa

Visa has partnered with four banks in Kenya to launch an  Interoperable Mobile Payments Service to that will mount the first credible challenge to the country’s dominant Mpesa system. The mVisa service allows people t