5G gets a brand Logo and becomes official name of the mobile future

The Organizational Partners of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has officially announced that ‘5G’ will become the official name of the next generation of mobile connectivity technologies that would succeed today’s 4G 5Gtechnologies like LTE or LTE-Advanced.

3GPP  have agreed that the Project’s name and logos may be made available for use by manufacturers and service providers to declare that their products are based on the Project’s specifications.

Implementers wishing to declare conformity to the 3GPP specifications may mark their equipment and documentation with the 5G logo. The Partners have registered the logo (right) as a trademark for the benefit of the Membership.

According to Tech Digest 3GPP has also released the official logo for the new technology standard. The logo’s new wave pattern is basically carried over from the existing 4G logo while the green waves of the LTE-A logo are now a part of 5G’s new logo.

3GPP reports that the use of the 5G logo on 3GPP specification cover sheets is intended to help the industry to identify at which point in time 5G features will appear. It will be used on the relevant 5G Phase 1 specifications in Release 15 (Complete by late 2018) and then the 5G Phase 2, Release 16 specifications – for completion in 2020.


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