70% of consumers doubt companies protect their personal data

Consumers firmly put responsibility for protecting their personal data firmly at the hands of the organizations holding their data – and not themselves.

According to Gallup, When it comes to keeping their personal information secure, consumers have much more trust in certain businesses than they do others.

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About nine in 10 consumers (91%) have a some trust in their primary bank in keeping their personal data safe. Trust in bricks-and-mortar retailers (69%), health insurance companies (68%) and credit card companies (66%) lag behind banks considerably, as does trust in email providers and cellphone platforms (63%).

However, according to Gemalto report, the world leader in digital security, today , 70% of the responsibility for protecting and securing customer data lies with companies and only 30% of the responsibility with themselves. Yet, less than a third (29%) consumers believe companies are taking.

The study found that fraudulent use of financial information has affected 21% of consumers, with others experiencing fraudulent use of their personal details (15%) and identity theft (14%). More than a third (36%) of those who have been a victim of a breach attribute this to a fraudulent website.

Clicking a bad link (34%) and phishing (33%) were the next highest methods consumers were caught by. In keeping with the theme of putting the blame at the organization’s hands, over a quarter (27%) attributed the breach to a failure of the company’s data security solutions.


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