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Facebook launches WhatsApp digital payments service

WhatsApp Pay allows users to send money to one another for free. WhatsApp launched its digital payments service in Brazil while the messaging app capitalizes on its popularity in emerging markets. The move comes as the parent company Facebook forges ahead with plans to capitalize on emerging markets and bring e-commerce to its platforms, launching […]

Kenyan Lecturer On The Rise With App For COVID-19 Contact Tracing

A Kenyan lecturer has come up with an app that can be used for COVID-19 contact tracing, which has become important in this unpredictable year. eKonnect App Masinde Muliro University took to their their Facebook page and said, “Dr. Tecla Sum of MMUST shows how to operate a mobile application (eKonnect) that she invented. The […]

What is Messenger Kids? Facebook launches video chat and messaging app in Africa

Facebook’s Messenger Kids app is now available in 20 countries across the Middle East and Africa, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Available to download from the Apple App and Google Play Stores, Messenger Kids has been designed for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years, with the app including two new features […]

Apple Music launches Africa Month in celebration of Talent

Apple Music launches Africa Month, a month-long campaign that showcases the best playlists, artists and albums from all corners of Africa. This follows the expansion last week of Apple Music into an additional 52 new countries around the world bringing the total number of countries across Sub-Saharan Africa to 33. For Africa Month, Apple Music commissioned 15 exclusive guest playlists […]

Bookings Africa Launched its new app

Bookings Africa launched its new mobile app, which is believed to revolutionize the pan-African marketplace for the Gig economy. Bookings Africa is a leading pan-African marketplace that leverages technology to disrupt and revolutionize how talent in the lifestyle, entertainment & media industries across Africa is sourced. Founder and CEO, Fade Ogunro, announced the launch of […]

Kaspersky grants access to Android app testing tool

Kaspersky has opened access to its Android Automated Testing Framework. The tool, named Kaspresso, takes advantage of flexible settings and is easy to use. With Kaspresso, mobile developers can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for application testing without the fear of overlooking a bug, therefore speeding up the application release process. The tool has already […]

Bye Picasa! Google Ditching Photo App From March 16, 2016

From March 16, 2016, Google’s photo editing and sharing app, Picasa will no longer be there. Google has said that it is retiring the desktop app but in May, it would archive users’ Picasa Web Albums. Through a blog post, the head of Google Photos Anil Sabharwal said that they were abandoning the app so […]

Tech Milestone as Both WhatsApp And Gmail Reach The 1 Billion Users Mark

It is a great week for technology as two tech giants reach the I Billion users mark. Google announced that Gmail, its email service had 1 billion monthly active users. Gmail joined the list of other Google platforms that have also gathered 1 billion users namely, Google Search, Android, Chrome, YouTube Gmail had hit […]

Yoza: A Mobile App For Dirty Laundry? Yes, Please

It’s the weekend, you are staring at your pile of dirty laundry wishing there was a way you didn’t have to do it. In Kampala, Uganda there is an easy and convenient way: Yoza. Yoza is an application that connects people who need their laundry done to the people offering laundry services in the area. […]

WhatsApp Is Now Free; How Businesses Stand To Gain

When you joined WhatsApp, there was a reminder that you would be enjoying it for free for a year after which you would be forced to pay a subscription fee of about 0.99$ per year. If you cleared your application data and logged back in to your WhatsApp account, there was a reminder of how […]