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Visa and Pesapal announce partnership for connected digital payments in Africa

Pesapal will become a Visa Principal Member driving small business acquiring and issuing. Nairobi, April 27, 2020 – Visa (NYSE: V), the global leader in digital payments and Pesapal have today announced a strategic partnership to drive connected digital payments to consumers and businesses in Africa. Pesapal will now become a Visa Principal Member driving […]

M-KOPA’s New 14″ Solar Powered Digital TV

M-KOPA’s Solar fortune might be turning around if their new product proves to be successful. The firm yesterday launched their 14″ solar powered digital flat screen TV targeted at  people in rural areas that might see it making some serious profits. M-KOPA’s existing customers of their solar lighting kits who have completed paying off their […]

South Africa among countries to miss crucial digital migration deadline: ITU

A recent ITU report ITU lists South Africa among nations that have failed to even start a digital migration process. South Africa then joins non-starter digital migration countries which include Armenia, Bangladesh, Belize, the Central African Republic, Comoros, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Namibia, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone […]

South Africa: Digital Migration: too little, too late

Kenya is in the progress of migrating to the digital signal platform. It is reported that South Africa has failed to migrate to digital broadcasting, now we have to live with the consequences, writes Alistair Fairweather. On June 17 South Africa will miss a vital deadline. Unlike dozens of other countries (many of them African) […]

Digital Currency Regulation in East Africa

What is Bitcoin? – A puzzling question posed by everyone coming across Bitcoin for the first time. The Bitcoin Kenya Meet up group regularly convenes at the iHub for monthly open discussions on this subject. The discussion on November 5 was ‘BitLegal Status Around the World’ – a cursory look at what regulators and government authorities all […]

Is the Powerful Intelligence World on the Verge of Making People Digitally Disappear?

George Orwell’s dystopian “memory hole” isn’t just the stuff of science fiction novels. December 6, 2013  | To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from here. What if Edward Snowden was made to disappear? No, I’m not suggesting some future CIA rendition effort or a who-killed-Snowden […]

Stormy digital migration voyage; Will Africa beat the June 2015 deadline

Though as a bloc, the five-member countries of the East African Community, had settled on a December 2012 deadline which they all failed to beat, Kenya, despite a few setbacks, is on track to beat its own December 13, 2013 analogue switch off date for Nairobi and its environs. The coastal region, and western parts […]

Sh250bn ‘Digital Kenya’ plan starts to click, byte by byte

The government has embarked on a Sh257 billion plan to turn Kenya into a knowledge-based economy by 2017, through provision of high-speed and reliable Internet services. The five-year National Broadband Strategy envisages a country where broadband will be delivered to individuals, homes and businesses with a minimum speed of 5 megabytes per second to give […]

Dar offers hard lessons on switch to digital TV

Tanzania has a relatively low TV coverage with only about 15 percent of the population and mainly in urban areas having access to television broadcasting. Only seven towns out of more than 20, which need to migrate to digital terrestrial TV, are directly covered by terrestrial analogy TV. more

#WCIT: Just one round in the tussle for digital freedom and responsibility_Avri Doria

Despite the propaganda that has become the hallmark of WCIT analysis of late, I wanted to try my hand at recording my impressions. I will try to avoid propagandizing, not that I am above propagandizing on occasion.  I have already written some words on various apsects, on different email lists. I will fold some version of those […]