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Facebook usage drops by 26% since 2017

The Facebook app has been an extremely popular social media platform for a long time as compared to the other platforms. Facebook claims to have more than 2.3 billion monthly users as of December 2018. Its audiences varies from different age groups from the old to the young. Though as time goes by new social […]

Facebook’s Third-Party Fact-Checking Programme Expands 10 African countries

Social media giant Facebook has announced the expansion of its third-party fact-checking program to ten African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon and Senegal. In a statement on Tuesday, Facebook said the expansion was aimed at assessing the accuracy and quality of news on its platform while curbing the spread of misinformation. “Working with […]

It’s time to break up Facebook opines co-founder Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes helped Mark Zuckerberg transform Facebook from a dorm-room project into a real business. Now, he’s calling for the company to be broken up. In a lengthy opinion piece published Thursday by the New York Times, Hughes says that Zuckerberg has “unchecked power” and influence “far beyond that of anyone else in the private […]

You now have a 10 minute window to unsend texts on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is launching an “unsend” feature in Messenger more than 10 months after it promised to do so after it was discovered surreptitiously removing messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg from their recipients’ inboxes. It works when you tap on the message you want to delete within 10 minutes of sending it. Two options will appear: […]

Advertisers question Facebook’s value

Facebook has suffered a near nonstop drip of bad news in 2018, and with each event advertisers have barely uttered a peep while continuing to spend. Recently with yet another revelation about the company’s past data practices, one agency chief finally said enough is enough, while other ad agency senior executives say they are questioning […]