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Absa introduces a new innovative vertical card

Absa, the new name for Barclays Bank of Botswana, has combined both its name change and the introduction of an innovative vertical card to make a grand entry into the local banking scene. The 10th of February marked the birth of a new dispensation for the oldest bank in the country. Before the bank brought down […]

Fundi introduces innovative technology for schools

South Africa’s innovative leading education fund administrator has recently introduced a cashless system in the form of a bracelet to digitise payments for primary school pupils. Fundi’s bracelet, FundiPay allows parents to load pocket money into a learner or student’s account that is managed through a smartphone app, with transactions made through the child’s rubber […]

Leveraging Innovative Solutions For Bridging The Digital Divide

Mobile telephony is changing Africa, for the better. Once called the Dark Continent, the mobile phone revolution has lightened up the possibilities of economic prosperity in Africa. According to GSMA Mobile Economy Africa Report 2016, in 2015 mobile technologies and services generated 6.7% of GDP, or $150 billion, in Africa and this is further likely […]

Nuclear power Serves as an enabler of innovative development in Africa

Governments across Africa are seeking ways to enhance their existing energy infrastructure and develop new or diverse energy sources that are reliable, affordable and sustainable. Development of a sustainable mix of different energy sources will allow the continent in general to unleash its huge potential for economic growth report the Standard Media. Nuclear energy combined […]

Ecobank Kenya launches innovative digital product

Ecobank Kenya launched Ecobank Mobile App in Nairobi as part of the fifth iteration of launches of the product over the past four months. IT Web Africa reports that, the app integrates many functions, including Masterpass QR, a mobile payment solution designed and operated in partnership with MasterCard. Ecobank Kenya is the first bank in […]