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WIPO ranks Kenya second leading innovation hub in sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya has been ranked the second leading innovation hub in sub-Saharan Africa by the World Intellectual Property Organisation in its latest Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019 report. Kenya’s so-called Silicon Savannah only trails upper middle income economy South Africa, with Mauritius coming third. “Kenya has a track record for recording high levels of innovation, outperforming […]

Fintech Disruptive Moves Threaten Kenyan banks-McKinsey

McKinsey & Company has warned that Kenyan banks risk being crowded out of the daily payments and commerce space in financial intermediation by agile and innovative financial technology (fintech) companies and must act urgently to protect their turf, global consultancy. “In devising their strategies, banks could focus on owning the next generation payments landscape (for […]

Nairobi-based lending startup Tala gets an undisclosed strategic funding from Paypal

PayPal Inc Holdings Inc has made an unspecified strategic investment in Tala, a financial technology startup that lends to underserved consumers in emerging markets, the companies said on Monday reports Reuters. Based in Santa Monica, California, Tala lends to individuals in Kenya, Tanzania, the Philippines, and Mexico through its smartphone app. The company has lent […]

World Bank approves $50 million to boost Kenya’s development plans

The World Bank today approved a $50 million International Development Association (IDA)* credit to increase scale innovation and productivity amongst Kenya’s enterprises. The Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship project (KIEP) is expected to benefit some 33,050 individuals and 2,393 firms. It will support the ambitious development targets outlined in Kenya’s Big Four development agenda and Vision 2030 that […]