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PortableVoices has announced partnership with Afripods

Kenyan based Media production and podcast start-up PortableVoices has announced a podcast distribution partnership with Afripods, an African focused platform for podcasters with head office in Nairobi. Under the new agreement, Afripods will distribute podcasts produced by Portable Voices Podcast Network as well as co-produce future “Afripods Original” podcasts through Afripods platform and all other […]

Euronet: Internet security for Europe or NSA backlash

GENEVA, Switzerland, February 18, 2014 – With a series of well-timed revelations, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden single-handedly managed to change the way the American government is perceived across the world. By exposing that worldwide surveillance is real, something that was long suspected but never clearly proven, he has created a European backlash against America. […]

U.N. to Take Over the Internet

Beneath the overhyped fears, there are real issues—backbone policies, cybersecurity, the free flow of information—at a major telecom conference Steven Cherry: Hi, this is Steven Cherry for IEEE Spectrum’s “Techwise Conversations.” An obscure U.N. agency, the International Telecommunication Union [ITU], wants to take over the Internet. Don’t believe me? Just read the headlines in the […]