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BSE embraces digital technology growth path

The Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) hosted the January 2020 edition of the Opening Bell Ceremony on 15th January, 2020 at Liquidity Park with news that the bourse is making concerted efforts to embrace digital technology as a growth path. Monitoring the stock market means different things to different people. Some investors want an easy way to […]

So long, Cameroon! Africa retailer Jumia suspends e-commerce in troubled country

Online retailer Jumia Technologies has said on Monday that is has suspended its e-commerce platform activities in Cameroon because they were “not suitable” for the African state. Its share price hit a record low of $4.96 after Reuters reported the suspension on Monday, said it would continue supporting buyers and vendors in Cameroon using its […]

Jumia might be on the verge of a collapse

Venture Beat reports that Jumia online store, one of Nigeria’s largest online retailers has allegedly laid off 300 of its workers in Nigeria, which accounts for about 30% of its 1000-person workforce in Nigeria. This has raised concerns as to whether the end is near for the online retailer and what this could mean for the Rocket-funded e-commerce outfit. […]

Konga the Nigerian Online Retailer To Become Africa’s Biggest Internet Company

Nigeria’s leading online retailer, Konga is set to become Africa’s biggest internet company as an investment of about $60 million is set to be injected into the company. Reports Ventures Africa According to a source close to the retailer, Konga’s value will rise to about $190 million post the capital injection. But while the new […]