Africa is a Source for Top Tech Talent – McKinsey & Company Report

Technology is fast growing in Africa and so is tech talent. The continent is experiencing trans-formative impact as a result of technology.

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From rural Ghana where low income earners are able to buy insurance policies through their mobile phones to the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, where residents are able to send and receive money through their mobile phones, technology has become the order of the day in the continent.

Most innovations in the continent stem from the extreme need that exists to find immediate sustainable solutions for critical problems the continent has been facing.

Every day, there is a new technology being launched in the various regions of the continent as part of a solution to an existing problem or challenge facing the community. Young innovators are popping up with various ideas such as mobile applications to improve lives while contributing towards economic development and compensating for the lack of infrastructure.

Africa has witnessed a steady growth in the number of tech incubators and hubs in the recent years. Today, we have over 100 technological hubs spread across the continent, harboring thousands of innovative minds crafting new technological applications, platforms and ideas that are impactful to the continent.

A 2013 report by McKinsey & Company, a worldwide management consulting firm, projected that by 2025, Internet penetration will reach 50%; that’s 600 million Internet users using 360 million smartphones. This provides opportunities for employers who can easily access workers wherever there is an Internet connection.

The availability and increase in tech startups funding in the continent is a boost towards encouraging many young people to venture into the tech world and making Africa a source of top tech talent. According to a recent report by Disrupt Africa, it indicates that in 2016, African tech startups raised funding in excess of US$129 million, with the number of startups securing funding up by 17% as compared to the previous year.

The report dubbed African Tech Startups Funding Report 2016, further shows that there has been substantial growth in the number of startups to raise funding.



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