Android devices could be at risk of total takeover

Originally developed as a digital camera platform, Android has definitely come a long way. It just surpassed Windows to become the most popular operating system for Internet usage in the global digital realm.

The latest threat has come into the light through the work of a Google’s Project Zero researcher, Gal Beniamini. The security issue is targeted on Android mobile devices which can be taken over through malicious Wi-Fi signals. These attacks were introduced through Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chipsets used in many Android and iOS devices. Attackers can easily access these chipsets to allow the execution of their malicious code over Wi-Fi signals, without prompting the device user to take any action.

The issue was disclosed to Broadcom and, eventually, Apple was swift enough to release a patch to remove this security threat. However, affected Android users will still have to wait for this patch bundle, which will be apparently rolled out to select devices only.

It is advisable to not connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots to somewhat mitigate the risk. If the need is, one should employ VPNs (best VPNs for android are ExpressVPN & NordVPN) to secure their connection over a public Wi-Fi. However, this is just suggestive and as per the security reports, a previously hacked device might still be prone to data capture.

Since the security patch for Android devices will be initially rolled out to some major devices, this threat will continue to bother other device users who are not sure of receiving this bundle. However, the way Apple redressed this Wi-Fi threat bug is commendable.



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