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African Union Cybersquatting a Continental Top Level Domain “.africa”

Africa has made the news once again, in the technology sector and as the most attractive continent in the world in terms of technology and business. It’s clearly the next emerging market with top tech and blue chip firms jostling to set up regional head quarters. . In the technology frontier and especially the internet and domain related businesses, Africa is smack in the center of a simmering row between two organizations that are applying to get the go ahead from ICANN to set up and manage the African registry under the .africa generic top level domain. . The major reason of cause for conflict is the involvement of the African Union which initially offered an endorsement to one applicant DotConnectAfrica in the year 2009. The endorsement was however was claimed to be revoked after op

DotConnectAfrica’s .africa campaign quoted by ICANN as making the case for .africa and New gTLDs

"New GTLD program benefits be expanded to places such as Africa"- final applicant guidebook . When ICANN overwhelmingly approved the new gTLD Program, in the ICANN 41st June 2011 meeting Singapore it took the world by storm as one of the landmark developments that would significantly affect the internet landscape.  “Today’s decision will usher in a new Internet age,” said the then Chairman of ICANN’s Board of Directors Peter Dengate Thrush, “We have provided a platform for the next generation of creativity and inspiration.” . This was only the formal beginning to what some of the individuals and organizations had long campaigned for and this set course, set the wheel running for the preparations that would mean the monumental increment of the domain name space form a paltry 21

Data Explosion Set to Drive Growth

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Do you think Fortune 500 CEOs care about Africa? In the past, frankly, with the exception of oil and gas giants, they didn't. But this is changing... and fast. This week, IBM is opening its Africa innovation hub in Nairobi. To demonstrate the significance of the occasion, IBM has brought along all its senior team, led by CEO Ginni Rometty (named #1 most powerful woman in business by Forbes in 2012). Like other ICT companies, IBM wants to ride the wave of Africa's ICT revolution. In this area, Africa has not only been catching up with the West, but is in fact overtaking it in areas such as mobile money. more
The Mpesa appeal with .africa gTLD for the unbanked!

The Mpesa appeal with .africa gTLD for the unbanked!

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With the dynamic influence in which the digital technology is growing, its clear that the world is heading to the mobile platform. History of tech trends shows that people and organizations and consequently manufacturer of tech –consumer products have fast moved from stationery PC’s to the portables, this were mostly laptops. With the recent exiting move to the mobile platform, tablets and phablets (a hybrid of phone and tablet) laptops are being quickly ditched for light hand held devices. App developers across the platforms that include HTML 5, Android, BlackBerry and IOS are increasingly developing apps that are used by the hand held devices. In Africa its reported that it’s the largest user of the mobile platform, Opera which is the owner of the opera browser recently gave a