Bank of South Sudan licenses m-GURUSH, its first-ever mobile money service

South Sudan now has its first ever mobile money service. Named m-GURUSH, where m is for mobile and GURUSH is money in Arabic, is a joint partnership South Sudan’s Trinity Technologies and Zain Telecoms South Sudan.

The mobile money service has been licensed by both the Bank of South Sudan and the National Communication Authority of South Sudan.

“We are not just launching a brand name today. The m-GURUSH money mobile commerce platform presents a complete transformation from your first interaction with it, which is a simple, easy to use customer friendly access menu that makes it fast and convenient for customers and dealers to carry out transactions. The platform provides consumers with a robust offering of products that cuts across, Service Payments, Airtime top up and money transfer services.” said Mr. Joseph Arinaitwe, Vice President at Trinity Technologies.

The launch of m-GURUSH signals the start of a major shift in the mobile money industry in South Sudan, which will promote broad digitization of the economy: mobile money customers will not just have access to an account, but rather to a full suite of services that are relevant to their daily lives, encouraging them to keep their funds in digital form and building resilience to financial shocks.

m-GURUSH is a virtual banking system that provides transaction services through a SIM card on the Zain network. Once the SIM has been inserted into the card slot of the mobile device, users can make payments and transfer money to vendors and family members using SMS messages. The service is available on UUSD and on a Mobile App that customers can download from the Google Play store.

Customers can self-register for m-GURUSH by dialing *355# on their mobile Zain mobile phones and follow the USSD prompts. A customer can send and receive up to South Sudanese £100,000 per day and hold a balance of £200,000 in their mobile wallets at any one time.

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