BrighterMonday Learning and Digify Bytes To Train Youth On Digital Marketing


The youth in Kenya will now be able to receive training on Digital Marketing and Strategy thanks to BrighterMonday Learning. BrighterMonday Learning has partnered with Livity Africa and Google to offer this training through Digify Bytes.

The Digital Marketing and Strategy Training course focuses on equipping digital marketing skills ranging from benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing, web design, content marketing, Social Media among others to trainees and is free. Kenya is the third country to offer the course, after South Africa and Nigeria.

The training program Digital Bytes is brought by Livity Africa and is powered by Google. It targets the youth, 18-25 years and gives them an opportunity to learn the basics of digital marketing and skills development at no cost. Ms Celestine, Program Manager Digify Kenya, says that anyone with such skills will always have advantage in the overly competitive job market, and such advantage is likely to make a difference to job seekers and those seeking to grow their career. She also said that they plan to hold more training sessions with BrighterMonday and educate more young people on digital marketing and the career opportunities it offers.

BrighterMonday Learning and Livity Africa’s partnership seeks to see the rise of a generation that is digitally empowered with skills that help them thrive in a competitive market. And it’s not just the youth who will benefit. According to BrighterMonday, the employers are also set to benefit from the partnership since they depend on internet campaigns to run brand awareness and product/ service marketing campaigns.

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