Cameroon’s Internet Outage Is Draining Its Economy

Cameroon is under international pressure to restore internet services. Up to 20 percent of Cameroon’s population has been denied internet access since January, and the problem persists.

By all accounts, the internet disruptions are thought to be politically motivated, targeting long-marginalized English-

Photo credits: Ethernet cables used for internet connections (Reuters)

speaking populations in the country’s northwest and southwest. Neither the government nor internet providers have released any statements regarding the outage.

Speaking to CNN, Otto Akama, who runs a technology hub called ActivSpaces in the southwestern city of Buea, said

that the ban had brought many businesses to a standstill.

All tech companies are down. Most banks are down and ATM machines are not working, so people don’t have access to cash,” he explained. Motherboard reports that some people are opting to make potentially dangerous journeys to ensure that they can send and receive messages.

In 2016, the Human Rights Council passed a resolution which called on all States to refrain from intentionally preventing or disrupting access to or dissemination of information online because it was in violation of international human rights law.

According to David Kaye  “A network shutdown of this scale violates international law – it not only suppresses public debate, but also deprives Cameroonians of access to essential services and basic resources,” .




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