Siemon introduces intelligent PDUs in Africa

Siemon, a global leader in network infrastructure, has introduced a new range of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) in Africa. With the ability to distribute power to critical network equipment whilst providing real-time monitoring, the new intelligent PDUs support the reduction of power consumption and maximization of up-time in the data centre. more

Europe’s four biggest operators reportedly in talks to create EU-wide mobile network

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Despite owning large shares of independent markets across Europe, the continent’s major operators have reportedly entered talks with the view to creating an EU-wide mobile network capable of uniting national markets,the FT reports. According to the newspaper, telecoms executives from Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Telecom Italia and Telefonica met with the EU’s competition more

Counties to use wireless technology

SOME counties will have to be served by the the 4G wireless technology instead of fibre optic cable as the government moves fast to cover all the parts of the country before next year. Information PS Bitange Ndemo said all the county governments have to be internet linked by December but they will not be relying on the cable connection only. more