What east Africa needs to become truly an IT hub

East Africa has made great strides in technology. Last year Time magazine dubbed Kenya ‘Silicon Savanna’ due to the country’s ICT revolution. However, the region’s ICT sector still faces numerous challenges. John Kieti, manager of m:lab East Africa, a mobile innovation and entrepreneurship development facility, points at internet connectivity as one of the major challenges in the region. more

Statement by Vice President Almunia on the Google investigation

Business, Internet
18 December 2012 "After meeting Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, today in Brussels, I have decided to continue with the process towards reaching an agreement based on Article 9 of the EU Antitrust regulation. Since our preliminary talks with Google started in July, we have substantially reduced our differences regarding possible ways to address each of the four competition concerns expressed by the Commission. more  

France tells internet service provider to end ads block

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A major French internet service provider (ISP) has agreed to abandon its ad-blocking policy - seen as a swipe against Google - after a minister intervened. Digital Economy minister Fleur Pellerin said she persuaded Free to restore full access to all content on the internet, including Google ads. Free started blocking ads last week when it updated home router software. more

Sina Weibo the Chinese Microblogging Giant Adds English-Language Interface

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Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging platform sometimes referred to as “China’s Twitter,” is finally offering an English-language interface, as confirmed to Tech In Asia by the company. Though the English-language interface is still only partial, it will help turn the site into an important marketing tool for overseas brands and celebrities hoping to reach Chinese consumers, especially since there may be as few as just 18,000 active Twitter users in the country more

LERATO MA – Joan of Arc of .africa: A case of anonymity and not a fake identity

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A recent case of anonymous identity has attracted a buzz of discussions in a certain African email forum managed by the African IP addressing organization, Afrinic. At the time of discovery, the owner of the online Identity Lerato Ma, defended her use of the “pseudo-name” and attributed it to constant harassment and a case of being blocked from participation. more