Apple’s ‘Gotofail’ Security Mess Extends To Mail, Twitter, iMessage, Facetime And More

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First, Apple revealed a critical bug in its implementation of  encryption in iOS, requiring an emergency patch. Then researchers found the same bug is also included in Apple’s desktop OSX operating system, a gaping Web security hole that leaves users of Safari at risk of having their traffic hijacked. Now one researcher has found evidence that the bug extends beyond Apple’s browser to other applications including Mail, Twitter, Facetime, iMessage and even Apple’s software update mechanism. On Sunday, privacy researcher Ashkan Soltani posted a list of  OSX applications on Twitter that he says he’s determined use Apple’s “secure transport” framework, the coding library that developers depend on to build programs that securely communicate online using the common encryption protocols TLS and

Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $19 billion but will they monetize?

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Zuck Says Ads Aren’t The Way To Monetize Messaging, WhatsApp Will Prioritize Growth Not Subscriptions Facebook won’t be throwing its advertising weight behind its new acquisition WhatsApp like it did with Instagram. But WhatsApp also won’t be focusing on rolling out the $1 a year subscription fee it currently charges in some countries. Instead, with the financial security Facebook brings, it will dedicate itself to growth. Monetization was the big topic on today’s analyst call after Facebook announced it acquired WhatsApp for a jaw-dropping total of $19 billion. That’s $4 billion in cash and $12 billion in stock, and it reserved $3 billion in restricted stock units to retain the startup’s employees. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, CFO David Ebersman, and WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum all sai

New mobile payment solution to drive cashless transactions in Uganda

You can now use your mobile phone to pay for your goods and services at specific points of sale, thanks to a new mobile payment solution that seeks to boost cashless transactions in the country. Riding on the success of the mobile money platform, Imara Mobile has introduced a card-based mobile payment solution that enables mobile money users to pay for goods and services at supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, fuel stations, among others. Speaking in Kampala yesterday, the company’s general manager, Mr Albert Aguta, said although mobile money service providers have a provision where subscribers can pay for goods and services directly from their mobile money accounts, the culture is yet to pick up, with most people using the platform only for sending and receiving money. “We want to

Lagos to spend over $600mn on ICT village

The Lagos state government has allocated over $600 million for the construction of a new computer village. The project located in the Oke Ado area of the state is being constructed as a new site for computer and allied product dealers in the popular computer village market, which the government plans to relocate. The governor said that when completed, the new ultra modern complex will consist of over 10,000 shops, banking halls and all other basic facilities. Speaking about efforts to relocate the market to a bigger space, the governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola, said the state had earmarked over N100 billion for the project, which will be completed by next year. - See more

‘Lagos Silicon Village’ to become Africa’s next tech hub by 2020

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According to an analyst, Lagos is expected to become Africa’s technology hub by 2020. That’s per recent trends that have seen an impressive number of tech startups sprung up within the last few years. In efforts to further encourage and embrace this vision, chief campaigner for the “Lagos Silicon Village” has officially detailed his plans recently. Tomiwa Idowu, partner at Hudson & Idowu and chief campaigner for the Lagos Silicon Village, detailed his plans and vision to develop “Africa’s next tech hub.” At a media briefing in Lagos, he detailed the construction of an ambitious 23-floor architectural masterpiece in the Village. The impressive building is said to cost a massive 7-billion Naira (roughly US$44-million). To what ends? The skyliner hopes to a provide incubation servic