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Blocking Facebook: A Hot New Trend in Southeast Asia?

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When clashes broke out in Mandalay in central Myanmar between Buddhists and Muslims early this month, the initial response of the government was to impose a curfew. Then, it blocked Facebook. Written byMong Palatino Police claimed blocking the social network would help prevent the spread of violence, but citizens and free speech advocates were skeptical of this rationale. In an interview with the Irrawaddy Magazine, Myanmar Chief Police Officer Win Kaung admitted that the government ordered the blocking. He explained that their aim was to stop religious extremists from using the Internet to incite more hatred between people of different faiths: Yes, we blocked it. We wanted to stop the instigation. When they are doing the instigation or spreading the unverified news, this co...

Is Germany using big data in quest for a World Cup win?

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Big data has become a buzzword in corporate boardrooms, but it could also mark the difference between winning and losing a football world cup final. reports   Gareth van Zyl of ItWebAfrica Collecting millions of data sets that are difficult to process using on-hand database tools is referred to as ‘big data’. This data can then be analysed to help boost the likes of business and operational performance. Applications for big data range from ensuring cranes, which are connected to the internet, don’t collide with each other on construction sites to IBM’s supercomputer Watson beating top human players on US television game show Jeopardy! And just a month before Germany stunned Brazil with a 7-1 defeat in a FIFA world cup semi-final game this week, business software firm SAP at

Apple and Google ordered to revise app store refund policies in South Korea

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South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has forced the app stores to remove non-refundable clauses --and hopes the policy will become a benchmark for other countries. Sa Youn Hwang  of South Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered Google and Apple to remove specific clauses pertaining to refunds in the terms and services of applications on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. The watchdog deemed the clauses explicitly unfair and responsible for damages to the consumer. On the Play Store, all Android apps have had their non-refundable clauses removed, with developers now required to develop refund policies. Apps that automatically charged consumers at the end of a free trial period will no longer be allowed to use the label "free trial." Instead, they will be

Facebook suffers longest outage

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Facebook has suffered an outage affecting all traffic from the internet and apps to the social network. Reports Samuel Gibbs of the Guardian 10.37am BST That's it for the liveblog, thanks for reading. For more information on the biggest Facebook outage in four years, read our article: Facebook unavailable during longest outage in four years 10.18am BST “Earlier this morning, we experienced an issue that prevented people from posting to Facebook for a brief period of time. We resolved the issue quickly, and we are now back to 100%. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused,” said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement sent to the Guardian. The social network failed to explain what the issue was that caused the outage, but it is likely t

DEMO Africa 2014 application deadline extended to June 22nd

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 Africa’s startup launchpad, DEMO Africa has announced it’s keeping the application window open for one more week from Sunday June 15 to Sunday June 22, 2014 following numerous requests by start-ups to have more time to meet the DEMO Africa application expectations. Reports Good news! Deadline extended to June 22nd! Apply to launch your startup at DEMO Africa 2014 — DEMO Africa (@DEMOAfrica) June 16, 2014 Startups can apply online on VC4Africa here. This move comes even as curtains fall on DEMO Africa’s innovation tours 2014. The tours which have been concluded in Lagos, Nigeria at the iDEA hub, have seen the DEMO Africa team visiting various countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Ghana. This provided