Bill Gates applauds M-pesa and other African tech start-ups

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Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist has lauded African tech start-ups for the  creation of thousands of businesses that change the daily lives of people across the continent positively. Gates was speaking at the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series at the University of Pretoria's Mamelodi campus on Sunday. The theme of this year was "Living Together", with a special focus on those who gave their lives during the struggle for liberation. The multi-billionaire said for him, the most important thing about young people is the way their minds work. "Young people are better than old people at driving innovation, because they are not locked in by the limits of the past." The African entrepreneurs driving start-up booms in the Silicon Savannahs from Johannesburg and C
From International IT Auditor to Global Entrepreneur Sophia Bekele

From International IT Auditor to Global Entrepreneur Sophia Bekele

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Sophia Bekele is not your average entrepreneur.  She cut her niche as a pioneer in ICT matters, when She started her career as an IT Auditor in MultiNational Fortune 500 Companies, such as Bank of America, California Bank and PriceWaerHouseCoopers in US, when Auditing technology platforms was an emerging field. Sophia is now an international entrepreneur, corporate governance & risk management specialist and an international policy advisor on ICT an development, as well as the founder of DotConnectafrica, an internet company that spans across Africa with her renowned and widely  acclaimed “Yes2dotAfrica Campaign”. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Sophia and her Sister moved to the US where she ended up pursuing computer and information systems for her undergrad degree.  The serial e