Cloud technology can help improve governance in the new industrial age

Computing has been with us for more than fifty years. Through this period, the technology world has shifted from the era of large machines often housed in warehouses and not unlike data centres now the internet era, which made information easily accessible to millions around the world and lastly, the cloud and mobile era which we happen to live in now.

According to Ventures Africa, the cloud and mobile era comes with new concerns, uncertainty and

Cloud Technology
Cloud is coming and its benefits are too many to ignore

questions around regulations and laws. History has shown us that technology will always evolve faster than law, thus governments around the world struggle to understand and regulate technology and strike a balance between allowing innovation and protecting their citizens from any perceived threats this uncovered terrain may bring.

This resistance has began to ease off as more governments recognise that moving to the cloud does not mean losing control of data privacy and security, rather it facilitates governance.

Cloud has many advantages to users across the world, but the question now remains with its introduction, will owning and maintaining your own IT infrastructure on your own facility or (on-prem) premise  become obsolete?

On the contrary, Ventures Africa reports that On the contrary, on-prem solutions will still be a key player in enterprise for years to come, especially when dealing with classified data, and can always be utilized for private clouds.

The cloud is coming and its benefits are too many to ignore– but governments and nations must be ready to take advantage of it, prepare for it carefully and, more importantly, not be left behind in Industry 4.0.

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