Collaboration Drives Digital Technology Innovation in Egypt

African countries are on the move towards the development of digital innovation. This is an ever-changing trend that most African countries have adopted to promote the digital developments in the countries.

According to All Africa ,there are hundreds of start-ups, tens of co-working spaces and technology hubs, numerous accelerators and incubators operating here, and numbers are ever-increasing in Egypt. That’s great news for Egypt’s economy indicating that it is headed to being the next “Silicon X”.

As Egypt’s local start up and IT ecosystem begins to mature, even as it continues to expand, the growing number of resources, mentor ship opportunities, partnerships and human capital across the whole system make it easier for new companies to launch and for existing companies to both scale up and succeed.

This virtual cycle will gain a momentum that can spin off countless companies that will go on to contribute to the broader economy and help other sectors improve inefficiencies and grow.

By identifying effective solutions to local industrial challenges using Egypt’s homegrown ICT skill development, this competition fits many of the country’s objectives, including working with other stakeholders to leverage the ICT field to address existing national problems and to act as a catalyst to find synergies and solutions across government, the private sector, and academia.

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