Most Cyber-Attacks In East Africa Are Inside Jobs


75% of cyber-attacks in the East African region are caused by insiders, mostly disgruntled employee, according to William Makatiani, CEO, Serianu. As aptantech reports, what makes it worse is the fact that the content only has an approximate of 3,500 certified security personnel.

Databases are the second most frequently targeted asset by people inside an organization. That was revealed by the 2016 Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon Enterprise that was released a few months ago. Thus, data base administrators and security professionals need to take proactive measures to effectively protect their IT systems against cyber-attacks. 

Janusz Naklicki, Oracle’s Senior VP for Africa, speaking at the Africa Security Summit in Tanzania said that the proactive approach is fundamental to spotting and neutralizing these threats before they have a significant impact on company data. According to him building a database security strategy is the first step for a company in ensuring security has been addressed inside out:

“It is surprising, then, that businesses don’t prioritise investment in protecting their databases. Even if an organisation’s perimeter is breached, by placing security controls around sensitive data, detecting and preventing SQL injection attacks, monitoring database activity, encrypting data at rest and in transit, redacting sensitive application data, and masking non-production databases, organisations can reduce the risk of data exfiltration,”.

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