Cyber Criminals are Improving their Game

cyber-attacksWith the drastic technological improvements in this digital era, the African continent has become more interactive due to the improved connectivity and easy availability of technological tools.

The improved connectivity has left the continent more vulnerable to all kinds of cyber space attacks. The 2015 Cyber Security Report indicates that Globally, Africa is the least affected continent in terms of cyber security but this is a trend that will change with time.

The study shows that there has been an increased number of cyber-criminal especially from Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya a clear indication that Africa is rapidly opening up and becoming a source of cyber-criminal and tools.

The cyber-criminals are intelligent and everchanging. They employ tricks and skills that go undetected even with the Internet security programs. Their operations have become more sophisticated which calls for a more educated internet user. Today’s cyber criminals do not need user approval or awareness to access personal information. They pose as intelligent and sophisticated and are always a step ahead.

To start with, organizations should recognize that Cybercrimes are threats and set up measures to cumber it. This involves investing in Technology and increasing awareness on the cyber threats that may go unnoticed if technological ignorance is not addressed.

To be fully secure, organizations and internet users ought to develop some cyber intelligence capabilities that will enhance the visibility of the cyber threats while trying to match up with the hacker’s sophistication.

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