Cyber fraud exacerbated by fake apps-CA Report

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) shows report covering October-December 2018 shows a dramatic spike in malware attacks, targeting mobile devices and which has seen unsuspecting Kenyans defrauded in online platforms. A proliferation of mobile applications on popular online stores is thus exposing Kenyans to increased cyber attacks and fraud, the latest sector statistics.

‘‘In particular, there was a rise in cases of malware and the sale of stolen data and credentials including personal data and credit card information,’’notes the report in part.

Additionally, the report notes that cyber criminals are targeting their attacks on end-users who have limited cyber security skills.

In the three months, the National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team –Coordination Centre (National KE-CIRT/CC), detected 10.2 million cyber threats, up from 1.8 million reported in the preceding quarter, nine (9) million of which were malware attacks. The National KE-CIRT/CC is a multi-agency collaboration framework and Kenya’s national point of contact on cyber fraud and security matters.

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