Cybercriminals target African countries with ransomware

Africa’s efforts to tackle cybercrimes are gaining momentum as cyber criminals targets the it with ransomware.

Check Point has revealed that five African nations were among the top 10 most-attacked countries in November as cybercriminals made increasing use of ransomware attacks using the Locky and Cryptowall viruses.

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In its monthly Global Threat Index, a ranking of the most prevalent malware families attacking organisations’

networks, Check Point noted a 10% increase in the number of attacks using Locky and Cryptowall and found both the number of active malware families and number of attacks remained close to an all-time high as the number of attacks on business networks continued to be relentless.

Generally, African governments have not been fans of social media. According to PCworld, Officials alleged that on many occasions social media has been used to coordinate protests aimed at overthrowing governments plagued with poor leadership and economic problems.

According to cybercrime statistics in several African countries, the banking industry is the most affected by cybercrime, raising fears that Africa may face a slowdown in international investment  in the financial sector.

With more Africans now use the Internet for their banking needs, the number of fraudsters eyeing online financial transactions has also multiplied. Hence Organisations should use advanced threat prevention measures on networks, endpoints and mobile devices to stop malware at the pre-infection stage of the Ransomware attacks.

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