Digital education in Rwanda to be launched in June

Africa is at risk of losing a generation of 21st century workers and job creators. If current trends continue, Africa will be home to one billion young people by 2050 but one-third of them will not be able to complete basic secondary education.

In relation to this statistics, the Rwandan education system in Rwanda is set to be digitalized in June this year. The Rwandan government in partnership with Microsoft will roll out digital education, a move expected to improve the quality of learning in schools. Digital education is a system of teaching that emphasises the use of computers and internet to impart knowledge.

The traditional education system was termed outdated and out of touch with the 21st century challenges. All the activities are carried out manually, teachers have to maintain all the chapter contents to be taught in the class on paper, attendance records are maintained in register books, keeping track of teaching progress is also a cumbersome task.

As internet grows, educational challenges are advancing and normally the two are not supposed to be intersecting.

What Rwanda is doing is a step in the right direction and will ensure that the education system produces global citizens capable of working anywhere in the world. Once the programme becomes fully operational, it will empower students with digital tools, practices, and technologies so they can actively participate in their own learning at anytime and anywhere.



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