Digital technology to increase participation of women in reconstruction of Gaza Strip

Digital technology has revolutionized the world as never before. Various transformations have taken place in the global arena. The contribution of women in technology has been significant over the years.

With financial support of the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium, UN-Habitat and UN Women have launched a

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new innovative Programme to advance women’s and youth’s rights to participate in reconstruction and recovery efforts in Gaza.

The UN-Habitat-UN Women joint programme will take advantage of digital tools and video games such as MineCraft and SaftiPin to support engagement of communities in the design of their public spaces, linking simultaneously with selected female architects from Gaza trained on the use of digital technologies for the development of gender inclusive, safe and accessible public spaces free from violence against women.

Research has demonstrated that digital technology provides new avenues for youth and women through which to become informed, shape opinions, and get organized, countering challenges often faced by these groups in accessing public space and decision-making.

Despite strong evidence regarding the importance of fully incorporating women into the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, a gender ICT gap still remains globally. Women do not readily take ICT studies. Moreover, women are underrepresented in the sector, particularly in technical and decision-making positions. Women’s active participation in the ICT sector is essential for the global long-term growth and economic sustainability.

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