Empowering Africa towards technological development

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Credit: Ventures Africa

Technology is the most potent form of magic the African society will ever have.

This is supported by the fact that Africa is home to the world’s greatest digital innovations. Ranging from agriculture, medical to education, the continent is experiencing a digital revolution which has enabled it to secure a place as a global leader in science and technology.

With these great  potential & capabilities, technological investments in Africa will see the offshoot of a global economic and technological leader that can be relied on by other continents. As the number of young people developing applications and coding programs continues to grow, the African continent hungers for more technological infrastructure and developments.

One of the most effective channels that Investors can use to empower Africa enhance competitiveness is through the acquisition and application of relevant technologies. However, despite the various innovations that are coming up in Africa, the continent is still struggling to reach the Millenium Development Goals which are global quantifiers of economic development.

On the other end, Africa’s development is heavily driven by its women. They are not only the fabric that holds it’s cultures together, but they’re also the energy that drives and determines social change and development in the continent.

All sectors of the African economy hence relies heavily on the successful implementation of digital technology a transition that could transform most African countries from third world countries to first world in the next decades.

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