Equitel rolls out bundled Data, Voice and SMS packages into one convenient package

Equitel has combined data, voice and SMS resources into packages that offer more value to its subscribers. The new packages dubbed Data bundle plus, Jipimie bundles and Ongea bundles are meant for subscribers who want more value for browsing, sending SMSs and calling.

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Data bundle plus is a package meant for people who enjoy using data bundles to browse the internet, access various apps and other data services on their phones. Subscribers can purchase bundles from as low as 7MBs to 8GB on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on user needs and budget.

The bundles complement other mobile banking services available on the Equitel SIM card including Eazzy Loan, EazzyPay – Buy goods and services, EazzyPay – Pay bill, money transfer to all mobile wallets and banks. Mobile money transfer, loan and payments services that are available to Equitel’s 1.8 million subscribers.

Data from the Communications Authority (CA) shows that Equitel registered a positive growth of eight per cent to reach 1.8 million subscribers as at the third quarter of the 2016-2017 fiscal year, up from 1.7 million subscribers recorded in the preceding quarter.

Equitel additionally processed transactions worth Ksh311.8 Billion in the third quarter of the 2016-2017 fiscal year, a 15 per cent increase from Ksh271.8 billion that was transacted in the quarter before.

The value of mobile commerce transactions that were processed through Equitel stood at Ksh228 Billion, a 21 per cent increase from Ksh189 Billion that was transacted a fiscal quarter earlier.

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