Experts warn of an invisible malware that allows hacker to remotely control ATMs

Cybercriminals are using ‘invisible’ malware to attack banks across the globe.

Security experts are assisting a change of tactics for the criminal organizations who target the ATMs & online banking credentials. Crooks are now focusing on the banks in the attempt to steal cash directly from the ATMs.

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According to The Daily Mail, Passwords and financial data have been stolen from more than 140 banks and other enterprises in 40 countries using the organizations’ own software.

The digital strikes targeted computers that operate automatic teller machines, letting hackers ‘push money out of the banks from within the banks’.

‘The use of open source exploit code, common Windows utilities and unknown domains makes it almost impossible to determine the group responsible – or even whether it is a single group or several groups sharing the same tools.’

The code hides in the memory, invisibly collecting the passwords of system administrators so that the attackers could remotely control the victim’s systems. ‘The ultimate goal appears to have been access to financial processes,’ said Kaspersky.

The invisible malware, discovered by Kaspersky Lab, was found to be injected into networks using the system’s own administrative and security tools. Once installed, the malware disappears and renames itself when the computer is rebooted – allowing it to go undetected for months.




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