Facebook & Google dominate the list of 2016’s top apps

Mobile applications from Facebook and Google dominated the new list of the year’s top apps released by Nielsen.

Facebook, a social network company also dominated the second spot with Facebook Messenger at 129 million unique

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users per month. Following Facebook’s winning of the top spots, Google holds most of the remaining spots with

YouTube (113 million), Google Maps (105 million), Google Search (103 million), Google Play (99 million), and Gmail (88 million). Another Facebook-owned app in the 8th spot, Instagram (74 million), bookends the Google apps.

According to  Techcrunch , among the top 10 smartphone apps, the apps with highest year-over-year change were Amazon App and Instagram, with 43% and 36% growth in users from 2015, respectively.

Nielsen also took a brief glimpse into the state of smartphone penetration in the U.S., noting that 88 percent of mobile subscribers now use a smartphone, up from 86 percent at the beginning of the year. Over half 53% are on Android, with 45% on iOS and just 2% on windows phone. Blackberry is somehow still on the charts with a 1% share.

For Apple, the only app that appears on Nielsen’s chart is Apple Music, with just over 68 million unique users each month, a growth of 20 percent from 2015.

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