LG picks Nairobi as pioneer Africa hub to launch its latest products

LG, the global electronics giant, has chosen Kenya as one of its pioneering African markets where it intends to launch its latest technological innovations.

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The South Korean company says it is planning to introduce its latest technology products in Nairobi. Janghoon Eric Chung, the company’s managing director for Africa Logistics said that they are looking to launch our new products in Kenya because it has an ever-increasing middle and top class. LG considers the country quite stable and with an ever-improving service industry underpinned by sound infrastructure.

He added that although LGs’ products were primarily tailored for the high-end market, the company perceived the Kenyan market as one of a few in Africa with a strong inclination for modern technology and the latest electronic innovations driven by a high internet penetration.

Africa is under-supplied with regard to cutting edge innovations but more global companies are now positioning themselves to tap into its potential. Technology is progressing at a faster pace than ever and the force of of the change is becoming even more powerful




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