Facebook Inc. redesigns its App for readability

Facebook is rolling out a slight redesign to the News Feed today, which overhauls the main interface of the site for a cleaner look. What that actually translates to in practical terms is getting rid of the blue accents and headers across most of the interface, which the company claims will make navigating easier and more consistent.

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The social media platform as well updated its Instagram  App with a new design. The comment reels is now being threaded so that users can have sub-conversations in public.

The comment threads on posts will now look more like message conversations — specifically, Facebook Messenger conversations. So instead of comments being broken up by simple line breaks, each comment now gets its own gray message bubble, with the goal of making it easier to track who is replying in a given thread.

Facebook periodically updates its design, typically stripping out unnecessary “chrome,” or user interface framing, to create a sleeker, more readable look. There’s more and more white space on Facebook, which could be intended to reduce eye fatigue during long browsing sessions and let your friends’ content pop off the screen more vividly.

Facebook’s design team writes “we did not want to just ‘fiddle at the edges’, but rather make something that billions of people use every day less frustrating.”

Both the Facebook and Instagram changes will roll out to all iOS and Android users over the next few weeks.


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