Fast Foods the most ordered foods online

Chicken, pizza and burger dominate delicacies that are ordered online amid health concerns about fast foods, which have been associated with lifestyle diseases.

A report of food analysis released by Jumia Food Kenya  indicate that fried chicken has been leading in the last three years.

These foods have been associated with health complications such as obesity.

The report attributes high demand for chicken on affordability, pointing out that most restaurants have lowered the cost to attracting high number of buyers.

“For the last three years, chicken has been the most popular with pizza rank consistently second in terms of popularity,” said Shreenal Ruparelia, managing director Jumia East Africa.

Ms Ruparelia said burger has moved from the fifth position in 2017 to number three, highlighting increased cases of middle class seeking first foods as opposed to cooking.

The trends, say the findings, are informed by convenience needs from the customers who are willing to spend an extra coin.

“Consumers are starting to value convenience more and more. They are willing to spend a little bit extra to save time and effort,” says the Jumia Food Index Report 2019.

Kenyans find ordering food as a convenient way of surviving. Preparing a meal after a long day of work is exhausting for some so why not order food. Nowadays most restaurants have the healthy option where one can order a balanced meal but there is always that temptation to order fried chicken or a burger. The reason for that is unknown.

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