Software firm aims to empower women in Technology

Inspiring women to enter and invest in technology from a young age is the greatest milestone software developmenttechnology company can take. This encourages more female participant in the male-dominated industry while increasing the Return  in Investments margin in a great way.

In many developing countries, women are confined to traditional roles and have limited access to capital, training and technology that could enrich their lives. Such inequality does not only affect women but the entire community at large as it loses out on a huge section of manpower.

Mark Thomas, the CEO of Coderus, a software firm looking to raise the profile of women in its workforce says that  in next few years, the ratio of men to women will continue to balance out across the industry.

According to data released by Coupfy, more than half (56%) of women in tech positions leave companies in their mid-career due to working conditions that are either unfavourable or unsuitable, (30%)work-life balance (27%), a lost interest in work (22%) and company environment (17%).

Nonetheless, not all issues in these areas are specific to women. They are matters that require attention in the industry if more women are to invest into this industry. If this is addressed, the software programming industry that is saturated with men will soon expand its productivity with gifted women coders on board.

According to Electronics weekly, global efforts are being made to empower women in the technology industry. Cisco Systems and UNIFEM have promoted ICT educational academies in the Middle East to give women more power and opportunities in the industry while the same initiatives are being mobilized in many other African countries.

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