Five African Nations Acquire Prominence for Cyber Attacks

Five African countries made it to the list of ten most affected nations by cyber attacks in 2016 Checklist  reports indicated.

This was when cyber-criminals increasingly launched ransomware assaults with Cryptowall and Locky ransomware strains that destruct up to half the data.

The index of potential threat that CheckPoint has computed is on the back of threat intelligence the security

Machine learning
Credits: Datanami

company obtained from a mapping exercise it did in ThreatCloud World Cyber Threat Map that traces cyber-assaults’ mode and place of execution globally within real time.

As evident from the study, the Locky ransomware disseminates chiefly through spam mails having one downloader camouflaging certain Zip/Word file attached to the e-mails. This downloader pulls down and plants the malware designed for encrypting all files on the end-user’s system. Incidentally, Locky ranked No.1 among the total malware groups within the maximum number of countries which comprised 34 nations in comparison with Conficker the malware that attacked the most within 28 nations.

According to CheckPoint , ransomware assaults continue to increase in volume just because they’re easy to execute and generate considerable income for the cyber-criminals. Companies work hard for counteracting these malware attacks; plenty just do not have appropriate security safeguards, while also lack educated staff who would know the ways for recognizing potential ransomware assaults within inbound e-mails.

CheckPoint offers its SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, Threat Extraction, and Mobile Threat Prevention software for enabling organizations to be adequately secured from the most recent malware.

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