Global Cybersecurity Firm Launches Solution to Protect Kids in Kenya

Kaspersky Lab has launched a security solution package in Kenya that helps parents keep their families safe from cybercrimes and uphold cybersecurity.

Users can now protect their private information from being stolen during an unsafe Internet connection thanks to

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a new feature called Secure Connection. The new function encrypts all data sent and received through the network, allowing users to connect to the Internet safely when performing financial operations, authorization on sites, or transferring confidential information.

According to Managing Director for Kaspersky Lab AfricaRiaan Badenhorst, an increasing number of African children are spending more time online using social media, playing games, or communicating with their friends. Badenhorst notes that the continent’s young population has provided parents with tips on how to stay safe in an increasingly digital world.

The face to face Africa reports that More than half of children between the ages to 8 to 16 say they can’t imagine life without their smartphones – with just under half of them taking it to bed at night, according to research conducted by Kaspersky Lab.

In Kenya, just as in other parts of the world, parents are often not as tech-savvy as their children and have very little idea on how best to monitor their usage and provide guidance to them.



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