Google has been asked to take down over a million websites

Google has reached a new milestone in its quest to remove unlawful websites from the Internet. Google’s latest transparency report reveals it has now received takedown requests for over a million different sites.

With its individual URL removal request count now reaching the billions, these new figures suggest that pirates now have more options than ever when it comes to stealing digital cargo. The number of takedown requests are up significantly from last year, thanks in part to copyright-holder’s increasingly widespread use of algorithms that automatically inform Google of copyright-infringing content.

Google discloses how many search results it removes in its daily Transparency Report. It logs how many requests it has received too, letting users check how much content has been withdrawn. As TorrentFreak noticed, the website counter reached one million for the first time this week. In total, over 2.1 billion pages have been deleted.

Google will takedown websites that offer illegal content contravening copyright rules. The majority of its action is concentrated on piracy sites and torrent providers who allow Internet users to consume content without paying for it.

While the numbers are staggering, it’s hardly surprising that the world’s most popular search engine gets inundated with requests to remove illegal content from its search results.


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