Google Seeks To Make Two-Step Authentication Faster


Currently, using two-step authentication requires waiting for a code that is texted to you from an app. Though two-step authentication is considered a way to make the password and username system seem secure, it is a process that has proved irritating and cumbersome. Google now seeks to make the process faster using a push notification which users can simply accept to log in, the guardian reports.

With this new feature, when a user logs into a Google account or a third-party service using their Google credentials, they will be sent a notification asking if they are trying to log in. At this point, the user can tap “Yes” and they will be allowed to log in. That’s all. To enjoy this feature, however, you need to turn the service on. This you can do by logging in to Google and going to 2-step Verification. There you can add Google prompt as an extra form of authentication or replace the existing two-step method that you are currently using.

The feature will soon be available for both Android and iOS. However iOS users need to install the Google Search app. As the Verge reports, it works on both Gmail and Google Apps accounts and multiple accounts can be supported through Android or the Google iOS app. Android users will need the latest Google Play Services to use Google prompt, and you can’t enable the prompt and Security Keys on a single account just yet.

Read more here and here.

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