Google taking down fake reviews on Google play store

The Google play store is the best place to download an app. It only gives you choices but also shows apps of your

google play store
Google play store apps

interest according to your previous downloads. Google has now taken the move to improve its filtering system to help play store users install safe app while keeping away malicious app developers.

According to statista report, Google announced that over 25 billion apps had been downloaded from its app store In September 2012 and the last reported figures from May 2016 stated that 65 billion apps had been downloaded from Google Play. This statics indicates that a lot of  users continue to download apps from the store as technology develops.

The company has improved its algorithm to make it smarter in detecting fake reviews and spam comments easily. If you are using a third-party service to promote your application, Google says you should work with your service provider to ensure that they are using legitimate practices.

The Google Play Store will be more secure. Google is as well removing all those apps that have fraudulent downloads. Techlist reports that Google also has plans to remove paid reviews from the option. Consequently, the company will drop the apps that will not follow the Developer policy.

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