Hangzhou Xiongmai webcams devices responsible for Dyn DDoS attack

Down DetectorA Chinese electronics maker is responsible for a particularly large chunk of these electronics: Hangzhou Xiongmai. On Monday, Hangzhou Xiongmai issued a recall of “all the circuit boards and components made by Hangzhou Xiongmai that go into webcams,” according to a report on the BBC.

It’s not clear which products this impacts; reps from Hangzhou Xiongmai didn’t respond to request for comment as of publishing. Reports BI

On Friday, October 21, major internet companies were reeling. A coordinated online attack on a major piece of internet infrastructure resulted in services like Spotify, Twitter, and SoundCloud being knocked offline for much of the day.

The issue is a simple one: Some of the company’s older products (made before September 2015) don’t require users to change the default password. As a result, those products are inherently susceptible to being hacked. In the case of the October 21 internet attack, these devices were hacked and hijacked — the processing power was then repurposed for use in this attack.

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