Has a techie solution to stop FGM been found?

Female Genital Mutilation is a non-medical procedure  that removes part or all of a girl’s exterior genitalia. FGM is a traditional practice that has been passed from generation to generation for a number of years. The act is predominantly  practiced in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East typically intended to prevent the girls from engaging in premarital sex . Despite the fact that it is illegal and causes harm if not death to the individual, some cultures see it as a mandatory rite of passage for the females in that community.

The world is evolving and most if not all countries are acknowledging the fact that we are moving to a digital world where different innovations are upcoming almost on a daily. In Kenya,  five teenage girls come up with an idea that will help prevent FGM in the country. They decided to take advantage of technology and come up with an app known as i-Cut App. 

The app allows young women to seek medical and legal aid before or after forcibly undergoing FGM. i-Cut allows users to choose from five main options: “help,” “rescue,” “report,” “information on FGM” and “donate and feedback.” The first three options allows girls to seek immediate help, find a rescue center or report the procedure to authorities in Kenya where the practice is illegal. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), FGM is often performed on girls between infancy and adolescence.

i-Cut was a great invention that it was a finalist in the 2017 Technovation Challenge aimed at fostering more women in tech. The group of young women who call their team “The Restorers” are the only ones to represent Africa in the competition. They also got the nomination for the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for the Freedom of Thought. The price will be awarded in a ceremony in Parliament’s hemicycle in Strasbourg on December 18 2019. The European Parliament awards the Sakharov Prize every year to honour exceptional individuals and organisations defending human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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