Healthbase launches to advance medical research through blockchain & tokenize patient records

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With its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, Healthbase is a blockchain tool set to revolutionize healthcare sector by helping digitize patient medical records and ensuring that medical researchers, care providers, as well as patients are given the best care by increasing access to their patient history and other related health data.

The current infrastructure handling patient medical records and supporting therapies is composed of legacy systems that are no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of the burgeoning medical industry in today’s age.

“Health data is currently scattered across a myriad of platforms, thereby preventing holistic care while raising serious privacy and security concerns,” said Chris Meitner, CEO and co-founder of Healthbase. “We aim to leverage modern information technology including blockchain to improve this status quo.”

Healthbase says it has over 90 employees at the moment, including 32 doctors in its clinics to fine tune the software with the direct feedback from both care providers as well as its patients.

Healthbase aims to launch its ICO in the first quarter of 2018 with a working prototype. While the technical details concerning the type of blockchain and token structure are still in active development, the project has already generated substantial interest among the medical and blockchain communities in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, who is the head of the Frankfurt School of Blockchain Center and a core advisor on the healthbase project, said “healthbase is a fascinating project, with an existing track record in the field of medical data, respectively medical software. Personally, I consider this a high-profile project. The main point is that as a patient, you can sell your anonymized data to researchers – through a smart contract against money and with your consent. This approach could redefine the way medical research works. Also noteworthy is the fact that healthbase is already composed of a software development company, as well as two German clinics. So there is a large amount of industry experience.”

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