How technology has revolutionized Kenyans lives

Over the past 10 years, technology has revolutionized our daily interactions, transactions and even how we think. It has progressed in almost every field imaginable, with the creation of amazing tools and resources that put vital information at our fingertips.

“If there is anything that has had an enormous impact on the lives of Kenyans, then it is the smartphone. It has revolutionised everything.

“Education, health, banking, media, agriculture, transport, communication and e-commerce all depend on the ubiquities of the smartphone to impact lives,” says Lilian Wanzare, a computer science lecturer at Maseno University.

In 2010, only a few Kenyans owned an Android-powered smartphone, despite its launch two years earlier, with the majority of the middle-class bragging to own ‘high-end’ 3G mobile phones that ran on the Symbian Operating System.

Most citizens used 2G phones that did not access the Internet and struggled to connect to the 2G telco networks existing those days. But now, all telcos in Kenya are linked to the 4G network.

“Approximately 85 percent of the population is now covered by a 3G or higher signal. Both government and private sector have rolled out fibre backbone networks connecting submarine landing stations, population centres and neighbouring countries,” states the latest World Bank report on Kenya’s digital economy.

“Kenya has grown to own a robust and competitive technology and international connectivity infrastructure.”

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