How to Attract Amazing Talent to Your Startup

Hiring people for your new venture comes with its fair share of difficulties. Sure, there are some great tools out there that make hiring a less demanding process. But finding the right combination of skills, attitude, and personality traits can still get tough. And those are only the difficulties on the talent side.

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On your side, you have a brand new business. A business that’s experiencing growing pains. A business that’s little more than a good idea and a group of people who are determined to make it happen. It takes a special kind of person to work at a startup. And you need to find enough of them to ensure that your startup becomes a serious business.

It all Starts with a Mission

Why did you create your startup? Was there any particular problem you wanted to solve? Did you think you can do things better than the established players on the market? Did you aim to disrupt? You must have had a reason, a spark in you that made you do it. The thing that drove you to start your own business is the mission of your startup. And you want to formulate it so that others can understand it.

Here’s a piece of insight from Infor CEO Charles Phillips. Phillips has a military background. He says that he learned as a Marine how important it is for people to buy into the mission. They need to understand the “why” if you want them to come aboard. So, you need to have that “why” figured out first.

Develop a Business Culture, and Use It in Hiring

A business place culture is more than a combination of standards, policies, and practices. It’s about using standards, policies, and practices to give the business a certain feeling. As the person in charge of the business, you can choose what type of culture you want to build, and what kinds of tools you want to use. If you’re not sure how to develop a culture for your startup, don’t fret. Other businesses have figured it out, and they can give you plenty of ideas.

When you have a well-developed business culture, it will tend to attract people who can identify with it. It will have an opposite effect on the people who can’t. That’s another great thing about developing a business culture. If you use it during hiring, it will help you determine whether the people you’re interviewing are a good fit for your startup or not.

Offer Something Your Competition Doesn’t

Offering equity to new hires is something startups routinely do. The startup gets the talent, and the talent gets a stake in the startup. Equity offers have their pros and cons, both from your point of view and the point of view of the talent. But whether you choose to offer equity or not, you must have a competitive offer if you want to attract high-quality talent.

The thing that sets you apart doesn’t have to be money or a piece of the business. Your business culture can make your offer competitive, as well. You can offer better professional development options or support for personal projects. You can offer the ability to work from home, if possible, or different kinds of bonuses. Whatever makes your offer better than the competition’s will work. As long as it doesn’t hurt your business, that is.

Work with Educational Institutions

Someone can be a great hire without having a day of work experience. You should never underestimate the value of experience, that much is true. But you shouldn’t overlook the fact that in some industries, like in tech and IT, it’s the youth that’s been pushing the boundaries.

Career advisors and other faculty members can be an invaluable source of information about possible new hires. Fresh graduates are a particularly good pool of talent because their skills are current. Plus, if they haven’t worked before, you won’t need to deal with any unwanted workplace habits. You get a brand new employee who’s ready to be formed by your business’ culture.

Staffing plays a very important role in the success of your startup. If you gather the right kind of people under the same roof, there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve. However, a single person who doesn’t fit can completely disrupt your plans for your business. You need to be careful and only choose the people who fit your business and bring value to it. Those who don’t should get a hard “no.”

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