How to secretly track my child’s location through their cell phone

Children living in the modern world are exposed to many risks, thankfully, we have technologies that can be leveraged to ease the minds of parents. A cell phone can be a great tool to track the location of your child at all times and letting parents stand a better chance of protecting them from harm. Here are some of the features that the best spy apps apply to help parents track someone’s cell phone location without them knowing .

Geo-tracking: With such a feature, you can get real time updates of your child’s whereabouts. This way, you will know if they take detours of places you haven’t authorized.

Geo-fencing: This function lets you set a perimeter in a certain location; you will get alerts if your child leaves or enters that set boundary.

Stealth camera: Sometimes all you need to better understand the risk of a certain location is a photograph, this feature uses your child’s cell phone to take pictures of the surrounding. Videos can be recorded as well.

Ambient listening: Let’s say the cell phone is already in your child’s pocket so you cannot take stealth pictures. Ambient listening will activate the device’s microphones for you to listen to the conversations going on in the surrounding.

Call recording and intercepting: Speaking of listening, sometimes all you need to track someone’s cell phone location without them knowing is intercepting a call of them talking about where they are going. With call recording, conversations are recorded and the parent can listen to them later. On the other hand, intercepting lets you into a live on-going conversation as a silent third party. Messages and social media conversations can be read as well.

Time restrictions: Sometimes the location of your child calls for total attention, for instance, in a library room or class room, at this time, you can restrict the usage of your child’s phone to a certain duration depending on their class/study time table.

Blocking: In the modern world, your location is not determined only by your physical coordinates, the internet has made it possible to travel to far and risky places at the comfort of our homes. You can now block access of certain apps, websites and contacts that can take your child to a mindset you do not condone.

So do not gamble with your child’s safety, select one of the best spy apps with the above features and instantly start to keep track of your loved one’s location and actively get involved with their safety.

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