IDC :Internet of Things in Africa needs a localised approach

By 2021, global IoT spending is expected to total nearly $1.4 trillion, led by enterprise investments IoT hardware, software, services, and connectivity.

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The International Data Corporation reports that Africa’s Internet of Things journey may require a different approach and the starting point depends on the local situation. Although there is a universal business case for adopting the Internet of things  in industries of all types across the US and Europe, the same can’t be said for Africa, which is made up of many economically and politically diverse countries.

George Kalebaila, director of telecoms and Internet of Things at the IDC says there isn’t much appetite for connected cars, which is understandable given that many African countries have bigger issues to address. Many global tech firms have a Western perspective, and should understand there is a need in Africa for a localised approach.

However, The discussion about Internet of things has shifted away from the number of devices connected. The true value of IoT is being now realized when the software and services come together to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data produced by Internet of Things endpoints.

Another area where IoT can play a role is in improving physical security, as crime rates in Africa remain high. Huawei entered Africa in the late ‘90s and says it is seeing an increased demand for its IOT platform in SA, Nigeria and Kenya.

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