Infrastructure Trends Shaping The Data Center Ecosystem In 2017

The data center industry is becoming more software-driven, with infrastructure management systems increasingly integrating with IT management systems. This will make DCIM software more effective and more useful, including in hybrid data center environments – but will force companies and suppliers to innovate more and to focus on integration.

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In 2016, global macro trends significantly impacted the industry, with new cloud innovations and social responsibility taking the spotlight. The role of data centers as passive users of energy is slowly beginning to change, with some progressive facilities finding more effective ways to interact with, and understand, established and emerging energy
suppliers. Over time, the real-time power feed from the grid will become just one of many power sources,
rather than the default option.

One of the infrastructure trends shaping the data center ecosystem is races to keep up with connectivity at the edge.  Distributed IT and the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are pushing IT resources closer to users and industrial processes. 

Security responsibilities extend to data centre management is another new trend in the data center industry. As more devices get connected to enable simpler management and eventual automation, threat vectors also increase. Data centre professionals are adding security to their growing list of priorities and beginning to seek solutions that help them identify vulnerabilities and improve response to attacks.

Technology integration has also been increasing in the data centre space for the last several years as operators seek modular, integrated solutions that can be deployed quickly, scaled easily and operated efficiently. With data volumes rapidly rising, IT infrastructures will continue to evolve throughout 2017 to offer faster, more secure and more efficient services needed to meet these new demands



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